Dagaalty Full Movie Download Leaked Online By Tamilrockers | Will the movie suffer a huge loss?

Dagaalty is a Tamil film starring the comedy Santhanam that plays a fraudster who tries to save a naive girl from a wealthy womanizer after realizing he has fallen for her. The movie is a good timepass entertainer with nothing new to offer.

As anyone who has seen a movie with Santhanam on line knows what to expect from his films. Because his way of acting, dialogue and everything is getting so predictable these days. Still, it is nice to watch the movie without having too many expectations.

The film receives very mixed reactions from audiences and critics alike. Many prominent sites harm the movie online. It has a lot to do with the storyline. It reportedly tests our patience with it.

Dagaalty Full Movie Leaked Online

Dagaalty’s full movie has been leaked online by a number of fraudster websites who manage to leak the movies the same day or several days after the official release. Since the movie is available online for free, it is destined to falter at the box office already.

The story begins with Vijay Samrat, played by Tarun Arora, a multi-billionaire from Mumbai who shows a lot of sketches of an unknown girl. This man is sending his men across the country to pick up the girl painted in the picture. He simply spends over 10 crore rupees for this endeavor. He finds the girl as Malli (Rittika Sen) and takes her to Mumbai and offers her the chance to become a Bollywood film director. Her naivety makes her believe him. He presents her to Samrat and later regrets the decision because he had already fallen for her. Later he tries to save her from Samrat with the help of his friend.

This is the premise where the movie takes place. It is a good one-off viewing film for the family audience.

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