Netflix Raises Its Subscription Prices in the U.S. and Canada

Netflix has raised the worth for its monthly subscription provider within the U.S. and Canada, which is in a position to be in attain for all original subscribers initiating Friday.

Within the U.S., Netflix’s classic thought, which doesn’t contain HD impart material and allows ideal one camouflage at a time, will label $9.99 USD per month, an extend from its old label of $8.99 USD. The streamer’s regular thought, which allows two screens to circulation precise away, has elevated from $13.99 USD to $15.49 USD per month. Within the period in-between, top fee plans will now label $19.99 USD per month.

In Canada, the main thought will remain on the same label point, though regular plans will extend to $16.49 CAD and top fee plans will soar to $20.99 CAD.

Essentially based entirely on sources thru The Hollywood Reporter, users who are already subscribed to Netflix will heed the worth of their subscription substitute “over the coming weeks.” The corporate will ship an email and a push notification informing existing subscribers of the worth substitute 30 days forward of the worth.

The worth extend marks the first time that Netflix has raised its subscription prices since October 2020, when the streaming giant marked up its prices by $1 USD to $2 USD looking out on the subscription stage.

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