Tamannaah felt like a Goddess, looks alluring!

Tamannaah an Indian actress who appears predominantly in Telugu and Tamil fims and also in some Hindi films. Apart from acting, she had also participated in stage shows. She is the celebrity endoreser for many products and brands.

She had started her career by giving debut at the age of 15 in a Hindi film in the year 2005 and she continued to give her debut in Telugu and Tamil in the year 2007. She on giving a number of successful films, established herself as a good actress and gathered a huge fan base for her.

She has acted nearly 65 fiims in three languages and also one of the highest paid actress in South India. She was bestowed with Dayawati Modi award in the year 2017.

At the times, she has posted a cute picture in her Instagram like a Goddess. Tamanah, with a black coloured attire like Goddess, wearing a crown on her head and a gold ornaments filled over her neck and bangles in her hand, she was sitting in a chair. She having her food in a banana leaf posed like keeping a bit of food in her hand and was smiling like a child. She was very sincerely eating her food, since it maybe her break time. And also by posting the snaps in her profile, she has captioned the picture by saying,

I feel like a goddess when I eat on a banana leaf! It’s easy to find, and great for the environment too! Going back to the roots one step at a time! @luke_coutinho backtotheroots #simpleliving #bananaleaf #yummyinmytummy #healthylifestyle #thenewreligionlifestyle A Goddess feel she gave with her charming smile, Indeed!

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